The Northern School of Gardening

Year-round Vegetable Growing Gardening Course

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Gain knowledge and confidence in growing vegetables by spending the day with us at the Northern School of gardening.
Our magnificent kitchen garden will be your backdrop as Dean and the team guide you through learning the joy of growing vegetables, salad and herbs.
This course is suitable for allotment gardeners and anyone looking to introduce vegetables, edible flowers and other edible produce to their garden. 

Be inspired as we demonstrate how to get a bountiful crop from minimal space, not just for the abundant summer months, but all year-round. 

Discover how:

- Make your productive garden produce bountiful crops and look fabulous 

- Create patterns and designs with your crops that result in stunning displays 

- Use natural materials to create structures 

- Mix flowers and vegetables together to create interest and variety in your plots 

Here is what Sarah, one of our past attendees, said about her day with us on the Year-Round Vegetable Growing gardening course:

"Having no knowledge of any of the science or ideas behind how to grow vegetables I was pleased to find I was in good company, and my fellow attendees ranged in skillset too.

Dean was hugely welcoming from the start.

The first section was theory based and we talked about the easiest vegetables to grow, and those which are the most decorative, whether you eat them or not.

Dean goes to great lengths to explain the different types of plants and vegetables. His knowledge and enthusiasm are hugely infectious.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the courses. Thank you to Dean and the team at The Yorke Arms for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative experience."

What to expect on our Vegetable Growing Course:

The Northern School of Gardening at The Yorke Arms is the perfect setting to learn which plants you can grow through the crisp autumn and winter months of the year as well as discovering which crops can be sown for late spring and summer harvests. 

With our vegetable growing gardening course you will gain confidence in sowing and propagating crops of salad leaves, herbs and leafy greens plus the tastiest varieties of tomatoes, peas, courgettes and beans.

Be inspired as Dean shares industry tips throughout this lively and fun day of garden learning, ensuring that you leave enthused and excited to get to work in your own kitchen garden. 


The day runs from 9.30am until approximately 4pm and includes refreshments on arrival, a two course lunch, afternoon tea and full access to the Yorke Arms grounds and their exceptional hospitality. 

For all of our courses you will be outside for some of the time so appropriate outdoor, gardening clothes and shoes will be required.


Cost:  £195 per person 

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