What we do


What we do

We Tend, Design and Build gardens for private individuals across the United Kingdom and beyond. Our extensive knowledge and experience has allowed us to source a considered collection of gardening tools and accessories. These, like the way we run our business, are all ethically and sustainably sourced with minimal impact on the nature we respect.



Good horticulture is at the heart of everything we do. Understanding how to tend, care for gardens is what we are passionate about. We love the outdoors and we love gardens. We do not simply maintain them; we tend them, nurture them and treat them like our own, always wanting more from them. The art of tending a good garden, is the planning ahead, we collaborate with the garden owners and garden designers, we bring fresh ideas and create long terms plans for the garden ensuring it looks stunning year on year.



Our motivation is to create timeless gardens which forge a connection between places and people. Our contacts within the world of horticulture here in the UK and abroad keep the team up to date with the horticultural zeitgeist, allowing us to translate these ideas and trends into your garden. We value local materials and want the users of our gardens to connect with nature. We create gardens that heal, nurture and are a place for entertaining.



Breathing life into a design, turning ideas into your garden, our skilled craftsmen are able to construct the vision created by our design team or collaborate with other designers in creating your garden. Our team are efficient and have a real understanding of the construction of landscapes.

 Each member of our team passes through our training academy at The Northern School of Gardening and is RHS qualified or is working towards qualification, ensuring that your garden is tended by experts.



Registered members of the following trade bodies:

The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI)

The Professional Gardeners Guild

Chartered Institute of Horticulture


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