BASIL Mrs Burns Lemons

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Mrs. Burns’ Lemon Basil is a legendary heirloom plant that has been grown since the 1920s, when it was owned by Mrs. Clifton of Carlsbad, New Mexico. She gave the seeds to Janet Burns, an organic gardener, who introduced the citrusy, aromatic herb to the world in 1939. Its intense lemony flavour meant that it became an instant hit with fine chefs and gardeners alike! The lemon-scented, light-green leaves can be used in cooking, eaten raw and even added to baked treats.

  • Piccolo, Italian born in 2012 with the intention of offering select seeds for urban gardens.
  • All varieties are especially chosen for pot growing compact, dwarf varieties, suitable for terrace garden spaces.
  • Beautifully packaged with sustainable and completely recyclable materials.
  • A fantastic gift for any keen kitchen gardener or chef with a focus on sustainable products