Nutscene Black jute twine 120M

  • £5.50

Black Jute Twine From Nutscene®

3 ply thickness black jute twine or string 120m long 

Benefits of buying garden twine:

Ideal for your oriental garden

Marking-out your plot 

Stabilising plants and seedlings when used with canes 

Tying back roses and other climbing plants 

Nutscene twines are popular because:

-  It is soft, pliable and gentle to your plants when tying

- The spool can be easily carried or used from the pocket, leaving both hands free to tie.  

- By drawing the twine form the centre of the spool, you can be assured of tangle-free twine.

The special construction of the spool prevents tangling and ensures an easy running supply of twine to your hand making gardening jobs that bit easier. 

Keep stored in dry conditions and out of sunlight before use.

What is Jute?

Jute is a vegetable fibre grown from the corchorus genus.  Jute vegetable fibres can be spun into strong coarse threads.