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Houseplant Masterclass Gardening Course

  • £195.00
Embrace the joy of plant parenthood with our day dedicated to houseplants.
Join our chief botanist for a gardening course dedicated to houseplants. The perfect course for those who obsess over houseplants and or for those who love buying houseplants but just can't seem to keep them alive! 

We are increasingly treating our houseplants as an integral part of our family, this course is your ultimate guide to plant parenthood. We will guide you through caring for your plant babies.

Our practical houseplant course will:

- Teach you the techniques of growing happy houseplants

- Introduce you to best horticultural and floristry practices for super healthy houseplants

- Show you how to grow your plants from cuttings 

- Guide you on watering and feeding 

- Discuss all the different types of houseplants and which ones are best suited for your home 

Throughout the fun day we will guide you through the myriad of foliage plants and flowering plants, helping you to pick the right houseplant for your home.  You will spend the day with like-minded plant parents and share your houseplant obsession over lunch served in our beautiful dining room.

You will develop exciting ways to display your plants, using terrariums and we will offer practical, step by step guidance on:

  • How much light does my houseplant need?
  • The right soil
  • When to trim or prune your houseplants
  • Winter plant care
  • Plants and humidity

All tools and equipment are provided. 


We welcome guests from 9.30am with tea and coffee available on  arrival. We break for a two course lunch and afternoon tea and the day closes at approximately 4pm. 

For all of our courses you will be outside for some of the time so appropriate outdoor, gardening clothes and shoes will be required.


Cost:  £195 per person

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