Bronze Musca Trowel

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Hand crafted  by Austrian coppersmiths, the tool heads are made of solid bronze and the handles turned from responsibly sourced European hardwoods; ash, beech and lime.

The Musca has a scoop shaped blade, practical for working with loose, sandy soil or garden compost. 

These beautifully crafted bronze tools are far superior to steel:

  • Don’t rust
  • Sharp edged which can be re sharpened
  • Hardwearing, out lasting steel tools by years
  • Bronze is known to deter slugs and snails
  • Slice into the soil and come out clean 

We started using these beautiful garden tools in 2013 and immediately recognised their unique quality. Hand-made from natural materials, practical as well as beautiful, they make perfect gardening gifts.

These tools are works of art and are hardworking tools, designed for strength so the brazing is a little less smooth than for a sculpture, for example. There may be marks on the blade which will not detract from the working of the tool.

Length: 12ins, 30.5cm

Blade: 6 1/2ins long x 2 1/2ins wide, 16.5 x 6.5cm

Weight: 8oz, 225g